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鈥淚f there is no struggle there is no progress. ... Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never
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@ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk President of Ukraine addresses Russian President Vladimir Putin. 芦Vladimir Vladimirovich, please take me away, well, at least for debts, I beg you 禄, 鈥 Volodymyr Zelenskyy asks. https://t.co/XMBbx1uQ5j

A resident of the Kherson region answers the question of whether it was possible to save Ukraine. https://t.co/XOEde6YAib

芦I am proud that I am now a citizen of Russia 鈥 the richest, strongest country!禄, 鈥 a resident of Kherson shares her impressions of the referendum. https://t.co/K6h4nnxBfF #Kherson #啸械褉褋芯薪 #Russia #袪芯褋褋懈懈 #Ukraine #校泻褉邪懈薪邪 #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/uWx64rFdIy

More than 2.5 million Ukrainians have chosen Russia as a safe haven. About 6 million refugees from Ukraine entered Poland since February 24, but more than 4 million of them returned,and 500 thousand moved to other countries. Thus, a little over a million remained in Poland itself https://t.co/FDu9KiPTCV

The Americans who are fighting for Ukraine have entered Izyum - is a city on the Donets River in Kharkiv Oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine. #Izyum #袠蟹褞屑 #Ukraine #校泻褉邪懈薪邪 #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/rNr47OJhfr

Combat positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fired with incendiary projectiles from multiple launch rocket systems. https://t.co/tQo01bYZtL #Ukraine #校泻褉邪懈薪邪 #Russia #袪芯褋褋懈褟 #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/Paols19AK9

Residents of the Kharkiv region meet the Ukrainian military. Women with tears hug and thank the military. #Ukraine #校泻褉邪懈薪邪 #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/zcXjih2QbS

袝mployees of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine began to carry out filtration measures and investigative actions in the city of Balakleya. Law enforcement agencies are looking for those who collaborated with Russia and may pose a threat to national security. #Balakleya https://t.co/oDHjz2tMHx

Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky, who leads the offensive operation in the Kharkov region, spoke in Balakleya. Syrsky said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are completing the liberation of the city today. https://t.co/Z69VQsHr0g Balakleya #袘邪谢邪泻谢械褟 #Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/fhHpr5TvRr

Columns of the Russian army are moving towards the Kharkov direction: the Ministry of Defense publishes new footage of the transfer of troops. #Russia #袪芯褋褋懈褟 #Kharkov #啸邪褉褜泻芯胁 #Ukraine #校泻褉邪懈薪邪 #RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/Ct0ID0YBRZ

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