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Some are convinced @elonmusk was hacked; there've been no posts since the sh*tstorm 5+ hours ago when he posted something Putin would write. Many in #Ukraine quick to remind Elon of this photo from #Mariupol when #Russia's invaders wrote "Elon Musk is a dick" on a beloved Tesla https://t.co/CSkk3HD1cn

Good morning (or evening) to you all on Tues 4 October. This is the start of my daily thread for Day 223, documenting #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine If you missed the MUSKalculations yesterday evening, you need to scroll through Monday's thread: https://t.co/FbryqyBljV

Love the trolling! #Ukraine's national guard responding to Elon Musk's tweet that Russia has 3 times the population of Ukraine https://t.co/8o4v8JyizG

A shell hit near the "Kontinent" shopping mall in central #Donetsk today. Whether it was a stray, false flag by #Russia or from #Ukraine will likely never be known. Obviously the Occupiers blame馃嚭馃嚘 but there's no reason to target public infrastructure, especially with馃嚪馃嚭in retreat https://t.co/pkrawRZ5bn

Throughout the day a number of small settlements in #Kherson oblast have been returned to #Ukraine control It suggests to me we could be seeing the start of a partial retreat of the world's 2nd biggest army to east of the Dnipro river. The fresh meat on its way for a fresh馃嚪馃嚭push

Another Russian aircraft shot down in #Ukraine today. This time an enemy Su-25 jet was destroyed in the #Beryslav area of #Kherson region. Kherson's anti-aircraft missile brigade of the southern command made the hit at midday. #SlavaUkraini

More wisecracks from that well known comedian Sergey Lavrov. #Russia's Foreign Minister commenting "growing threats to people's lives from Kyiv made it impossible for the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhzhia to exist within Ukraine" Clearly Moscow bombing civilians is no threat?

Explosions in #NovaKakohvka right now. If #Ukraine's troops have advanced south in #Kherson region in the last 24 hours, Nova Kakhovka is the next big town to target, likely about 40km away from the front line in this direction. #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia https://t.co/ymkdeEOm3T

Reports that #Ukraine has made further incursions into #Luhansk region. Andrey Marochko of the so called LPR army admits "The Ukrainian military managed to cross the administrative border and gain a foothold in the direction of #Lysychansk" map: TG UAonlli https://t.co/mvE7Zh7TkG

The Governor of #Belgorod in #Russia says a 48 year old woman has been killed by #Ukraine shelling. This footage is from the village of Golovchino, 20km from the border with Ukraine, where the alleged attack happened. #StopPutinNOW https://t.co/NNcWhuJSX3

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