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@SexKitt45398319 @caitoz "On the topic of Ukraine鈥檚 accession to NATO, the Russian President said that it was entitled to make the decision independently. ". Somebody should let the Kremlin know this is still on their very own website.

@Sharman2Pam @Fella_IA_X25 Lol. Thanks for the info buddies. Now Ukraine knows where to push.

@Paul_H_James @poolpartybaby @JensDurm @Osinttechnical People have no right to remain in territories they entered as part of an offensive war. So yes, any Russians who moved to Crimea after 2014 has no rights whatsoever to remain once Ukraine recovers its territory.

@typo3expertise @markito0171 That's what happens when your rich have skin in the game. Their capital base is in Ukraine. If the country gets conquered, they loose it all.

@DianelosG @hoffs__ @JavierBlas @JosepBorrellF Right... because only Russia has the right to defend itself against agressive neighbours... Oh I forget. Neither Poland nor Ukraine nor the Baltic states have ever invaded Russia. The other way around though...

@Appledust7 @ProudSocialist People see the fullness of history. People do not forget when Russia murdered millions of Ukrainians through famine in 1920's. People do not forget the Sovjets occupied Ukraine after WW2. And people do not forget who invaded yet again in 2014 and 2022.

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