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#russiaisateroriststate #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine️ what was found after the Russian soldiers spent a month in Bucha in Ukraine. these young girls were raped multiple times over the course of a month and then the bodies were piled up and attempted to be burned.

At the disposal of The Insider publication was a video of the operation of the Russian anti-aircraft missile defense system from the territory of the ZNPP ( nuclear power plant in Ukraine ) It was filmed on the night of September 2-3.

Video of the destruction of russian missiles that flew in the direction of the Dnipro ( Dnepropetrovsk) today!!! on Saturday night 3-4.09.22. Ukrainian air defense shot down 5 out of 5 missiles fired by Russians. 🇺🇦Real War #Ukraine #RussianUkrainianWar

The Nazis tortured and raped ZNPP employees, Olena Pareniuk, a senior researcher at the Institute of NPP Safety Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, reported about this According to her, the occupiers rape women! #UkraineWar #Zaporizhzhia

Terrible terrorist attack in Ukraine Chaplino.25 died.A family of 5 was burned alive in a car. The man lost his 11-year-old son overnight and almost lost his second Correspondent Ukraine Now talked to the head of the community, rescuers and local residents. #RussianUkrainianWar

⚡️Unexpected. Brave man Boris Johnson arrived in Kyiv to congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day The British Prime Minister did not come empty-handed and announced the provision of a large new $63.7 million military aid package to Ukraine, which will include 850 microdrones.

This girl's name is Yana, and her rashists deprived her of two legs But this would not have happened if the Russian had not started shelling Ukrainian cities. Yana survived the shelling of the Kramatorsk station and now has prostheses instead of legs #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

SBU exposes Russian FSB attempt to install "bugs" on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada Counterintelligence of the Security Service exposed the fact of recruitment by the special services of the Russian Federation #Ukraine

😱😱😱 1/2 Ukraine. Russian-occupied Melitopol, those who want to enter the Pedagogical University are persuaded to provide intimate services. One of the applicants (well done for not losing her head) managed to record a conversation with offers to work in a “massagе..

Mariupol, filmed during the battles for the city.The occupiers use the UR-77 in residential areas and designed to make moves in anti-tank minefields.The use of such weapons in residential areas is a war crime, as the civilian has no chance of surviving such strikes.#Ukraine

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