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@OxfordDiplomat @Aontaithe2021 @Reuters Not before time. Putin's terrorism of Ukraine's civilian population warrants surgical strikes on military infrastructure as deep as possible inside Russia.

@AngelaQuinn1969 @kikisknees @JosephR60039766 Ukraine is as European as Iceland, or Greenland for that matter. Read up on a bit of history.

@PeterSweden7 Not a climate lock down. It's a response to fuel shortages directly attributable to Putler's war in Ukraine. Call yourself a journalist?

@darrengrimes_ A/. What percentage of the globe's surface does the UK take up- then ratio that against the correct carbon emission figures. B/. Threatened blackouts are as a result of Putler's Raschist War in Ukraine.

@ClareDalyMEP @PatKennyNT The horror is in the Raschists' illegal criminal invasion of Ukraine. Heroism is in the Ukrainian people's determination not to be annihilated by Putler and his minions. Your problem is that you backed the wrong horse. Man up, admit your error, & condemn the USSR outright.

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