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@Pufferfish420 @chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 So? They control it, with their banking system with their phone line, with their banks, with their energy and guess what they even speak the same language. So here is your logic if sex change is real then Ukraine can be Russia too but you can keep call it Ukraine.

@chunkindorley @Pufferfish420 @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 Tell me why Ukraine is the rightful country to own Transcarpatia? FYI Ukrainan indipendence was signed in 1991? Where is your support now? Yikes Who invaided who... Please educate me.

@Pufferfish420 @chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 Yes in peaceful times, however to be modest I only mention the pg13 part, q: it is acceptable you think to punish ukranian born Russians to speak mother thong? (NATO) In Nov. 2021, Putin wanted guarantees that Ukraine stays natural, west didn't responded. etc...

@chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 So you think Ukraine just popped up on a map and UN just said, fine. You need to go back to 1990 and start at Berlin.

@chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 So you looked me up to say something because you were unable to open an intellectual debate. You know nothing about Ukraine yet your hate against Russia dictates your beliefs. 馃憦

@chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 There were terms and conditions when Russia agreed on that, and Ukraine lets say misbehaved to stay modest.

@chunkindorley @Jjule85A @HuffetyHough @DrDistracto0 Not really, Ukraine was a gift so technically it is correct.

@kajakallas When USA sending money to Ukraine for saving democracy isn't a lie then people should search video sharing services for boxing in Ukranian parlament. Is that democracy?

@NDicentra @Ferbbatmikey101 @martinvars @KyivIndependent I was just explaining illegitimate to mention hospitals, schools etc when snipers occupied it, that cancels any civil laws and rules to apply. This is what happens when diplomacy fails. Putin asked guarantees that Ukraine stays natural, west should have listened.

@NDicentra @Ferbbatmikey101 @martinvars @KyivIndependent You are wrong on many levels but I want to cut it short. Why is okay with you that speaking Russian in Ukraine (Hungarian on the west) is reciprocated with brutalities and killing pre 02.24? Not to mention your rationalizing inconsistently, as far as I know you are globalist.

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