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@FLbeachrealtor @Faythless @Osinttechnical So no, Russia are not even close to having 900,000 soldiers who they could field in Ukraine. They butchered their special forces, VDV and Marines and relied on auxillaries like Wagner, Chechens and DNR/LNR to fill out their infantry, leaving little capacity to replace those lost.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis Yes, the government of Ukraine will spin their descriptions for propaganda. That's what all war parties do. And again, a strategic retreat is not mutually exclusive with losing a battle. Severodonetsk was a tactical RU victory, although it's strategic impact is still vague.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis It's not NATO that forces Ukraine to join them, it's Putin.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis What alliance Ukraine wish to join is purely on the Ukrainian people. They know that no neighbour of Russia can be safe UNLESS they're part of NATO. Otherwise they're eternally stuck in the mud of Russian colonial control under a corrupt pro-Putin dictator or a direct invasion.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis Exactly. And that will only happen with a free Ukraine and a Russia that has learned that it won't be able to conquer its neighbours.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis Yes, that's one reason why he was replaced. There is always some corruption. But the amount of corruption before Euromaidan was off the charts, while Ukraine has been slowly (albeit too slowly) improving things since Poroshenko and Zelensky.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis ...while Ukraine is training many thousands a month from their million men reserve (many of which had prior combat experience in Donbass) and receiving modern weapons, more and more equalising the Russian advantage in weapons.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis Yes they did. But analysts knew that Russia would have short term victories while Ukraine's chance lies in the long haul. Without general mobilisation, Putin's numbers are limited. He threw everything at Ukraine he could spare. Now his reinforcements are down to a trickle...

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis Ukraine was under control of corrupt pro-Russian oligarchs for 20 years. Once those got kicked out, Putin staged a coup in the majority Russian speaking areas with backing of Russian intelligence and military, which was only supported by a minority of the population there.

@DM1111111111 @AnarchoCorvidae @BenBurgis And no, Ukrainian soldiers did not surrender in mass because they don't want to fight anymore. A few could not make it out during their fighting retreats and Ukraine holds plenty of Russian POWs themselves.

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