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@Sintamyr @NATO No neo Nazis, but it appears your an arse that supports the genocide in Ukraine

@BenjoS57725849 @NATO NATO troops aren鈥檛 needed. NATO and west just needs to give Ukraine everything , and I mean absolutely everything now. Tanks, jets, ATACMS. IFV鈥檚. Drones, helicopters etc. there shouldn鈥檛 be a single weapon apart from nukes that we shouldn鈥檛 sent to Ukraine.

@Bulle_v_Istnbl @NATO The only ones that can stop the war are Russia. They are solely responsible. There can鈥檛 be any negotiations. There鈥檚 nothing to negotiate. Negotiations can be done when Russia are defeated and removed from Ukraine. That is the only way.

@AsmeAsmerani @NATO NATO are for peace and protection which is why they are helping Ukraine defend itself against an aggressor committing genocide in Ukraine. Ukrainians are fighting for their existence. Russia rape, slaughter and have killed tens of thousands of Ukrainians. Russia must be defeated

@apmassaro3 Even if it鈥檚 just a 鈥榮mall鈥 tactical one used in Ukraine. NATO and West response would be swift and Russia would suffer for generations becuase of it and probably labelled a terrorist state

@maria_drutska Small systems that can easily be manoeuvred to where it鈥檚 needed. Keep a steady stream of these heading into Ukraine and the skies will be closed. The White House uses them for protections. No need to say any more!

@RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @RussiaUN @RusEmbUSA @BBCWorld @REESOxford @ForeignAffairs @FinancialTimes @guardian @Telegraph @MailOnline Russia talks some tosh! Russia doesn鈥檛 stand for democracy! Russia is a dictatorship and theres nothing democratic about occupying areas in Ukraine and making people sign a referendum at gunpoint! And yes Russia there is video evidence!

@Gaunty3043 @KevenSoftcock As long as Russia continues to eat itself from the inside out and Ukraine kick ass then I鈥檓 great!

@NikolaiE16 Once Russia are defeated and removed from Ukraine, no Russian will ever want to use the Z again, it鈥檒l be humiliating for them

Good morning Twitter! Even though Russia May claim sham referenda. Putin signing a worthless bit of paper and claiming the areas Russia, means absolutely nothing and changes nothing. NATO and the west remains committed. Ukraine will prevail, and Russia will be removed from 馃嚭馃嚘!

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