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Galloping inflation is not the result of the “war in Ukraine,” but of the excessive money-printing by central banks since 2008, in an attempt to paper over the systemic crisis — Schiller Institute

Had Ukraine insisted on securing its borders outside instead of inside the country, it could have avoided …the operation!

@apmassaro3 Ukraine has never stopped fighting the civilians and will never stop fighting the civilians! There. Fixed it for you!

Had Ukraine decided to remain militarily neutral (like Serbia), had Zelensky pursued diplomacy & peace (like Serbia), his country would not have been in the midst of war!

Ukrainization of Finland is not as pretty as finlandization of Ukraine:

Anatomy of a coup: How CIA front laid foundations for Ukraine war https://t.co/WUMeu1S3LO

@Chris3536774357 @Zzzabortseva The last 8 years of genocide in Donbas were not so pressing for you? Nor was Ukraine’s stunt in Afghanistan a pressing issue to you? Please explain, how so?

@Luke_Duke1 @TimothyDSnyder If you ignore that the Ukraine & Russia ratified the treaty in 1998 to include in the agreement that both parties will ensure the citizens of the other countries' rights & freedoms on the same basis & to the same extent that it provides for its citizens.

@nicknamed78 @TimothyDSnyder Unfortunately, things are not that neat & that simple. One requires both the depth (understanding of the history) & the length (understanding of the geopolitical kaleidoscope) b/c this is not just about Russia & Ukraine. Things would have been better if it was just b/w them.

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