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Steve Rogers
Vietnam veteran, from a time of titans. The US is the greatest nation in history. #ULTRAMAGA
Location: USA, unless I’m sailing
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@ewarren So it had nothing to do with the covid “stimulus” (free money), nor anti-inflation package, which was a lie and now admitted a “climate” scam, nor the $100 billion for Ukraine war, NONE of which Trump had no part of! You are a liar!!!!

@POTUS Hidden Junk Fees, you mean like sending millions and billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine?

@AVindman @votevets We know, it’s Ukraine, it’s most certainly not the Commander and Chief of the US armed forces, you know, the one swore and oath to, yes, yes you did, read it again!

@AVindman Vindman has the worst reputation of anyone I can think of. Who would ever trust the guy enough to hire him, he was spying on his boss for Adam Schiff! About the only place he might be able to work is Ukraine.

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