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@Rooski_Wolf @Cernovich "THEIR" money????? You mean OUR money, TAXPAYER money. And it should stop now. Zelensky is no 'hero', he is a crook, no different than Putin, no different than Biden. There is no democracy to save in Ukraine, Zelensky used the media to silence his opposition in the last election.

@SMcQn Yes, two years ago, gas was $2.20+/-. Biden was on the campaign trail and said "No more drilling for gas or oil, period." Then on Nov. 3, 2020 the idiot was 'elected'. Prices started rising the next day. Gas was already $3.57 when Putin invaded Ukraine. So you are just wrong.

@Pedriniesta8 Lower the military budget YET send troops to Ukraine. Ban all guns, and send troops to Ukraine armed with WHAT? You're a special kind of stupid.

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