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The United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity is ironclad. Learn more about how we are #UnitedWithUkraine:

.@POTUS: In this moment of great global challenges — from global inflation, to the climate crisis, to Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine — we’re bringing together the broadest possible coalition of partners to deliver results.

.@SecBlinken Support for Ukraine is strong around the world and a few weeks ago it manifested in a vote at the United Nations where 143 countries stood up against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. It remains very important to continue to secure that support.

The U.S. supports Cambodia’s role as ASEAN 2022 Chair and lauds its stance in upholding the @UN Charter, defending territorial integrity & co-sponsoring UN resolutions condemning Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and attempt to annex territory. More:

.@USAmbUN: Russian forces have deliberately attacked much of Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure. They have spoiled fields, bombed grain silos, and stolen tractors. These are not only horrific attacks on civilian infrastructure, they are also attacks on the world’s food supply.

Ukraine will need assistance to remain resilient and strong despite Russia’s efforts to cut off heat & light this winter. As @StateDeptSpox said: Putin has failed on the battlefield, so he is now waging war on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. We must ensure he fails there too.

.@SecBlinken at the @G7: Since February, our nations have led a coalition of dozens of allies and partners in providing substantial security support for Ukraine’s brave defenders as they fight for their territory, for their democracy, and for their people. #UnitedWithUkraine

.@SecBlinken: The Peace of Westphalia put in place fundamental principles of international relations that are the very principles that are being challenged today by Russia when it comes to Ukraine, and that is the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of nations.

.@StateDeptSpox: The Department has awarded $47.6 million to Tetra Tech, Inc. to provide urgent humanitarian demining assistance to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s brutal war of aggression. This project forms part of $91.5 million in demining assistance announced in August.

.@StateDeptSpox on the Black Sea Grain Initiative: Russia is again weaponizing food in the war that it started. The most effective step to address the ongoing food security crisis would be for Russia to immediately return to the arrangement and end its war against Ukraine.

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