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@AmericanAnemoia @RWApodcast If the goal is to stop nations from joining NATO, than Russia is at fault for the expansion. Prior to the invasion of Georgia and Ukraine, NATO was dying. Russia showed the world why NATO existed to begin with and now NATO is stronger than ever.

@Dimithreeeee @RWApodcast If Russia wants to send drunk buffoons with bad equipment and little to no training to the front. They can go ahead and do that. Don't be shocked when Russia retreats from another large piece of Ukraine in the near future.

@FlightRadarOps @Ukraine66251776 Russia can just go home. And the war ends tomorrow. Putin will be dead by the end of the year at the current rate anyways and the new government will want peace. Russia will leave Ukraine, by force, or on their own.

@magilla1000 @andrewmichta LMAO. Russia has failed to even conduct basic sead missions over Ukraine. 13 HIMARS stopped their offensive in it's tracks. 13.

@mtracey Ukraine literally bombs Russia nightly since June. There is no escalation. Russia has run out of troops and is desperately trying to refill the ranks before their forces in Ukraine are wiped out like they were in Kharkiv.

@EuroKitco @DambreDamien @ClintEhrlich Sweden and Turkey came to an agreement. Catch up. Russia attacked and invaded Ukraine and Georgia.

@gahamalian @IntelRepublic Ukraine attacks Russian cities every night. Russia has not escalated the war against NATO. Time to provide more weapons to Ukraine.

@EuroKitco @DambreDamien @ClintEhrlich NATO is now stronger and bigger than ever thanks to the invasion of Ukraine. If fighting off NATO expansion was the goal. It was a failure.

@AshersBakehouse @ClintEhrlich Ukraine wasn't a red line. Putin was going to invade and annex no matter what the west did. Period.

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