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@RshdwWarCollege @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Only if you twist words beyond their normal meaning. People call "proxy wars" with a prefix exactly because they are not what most people would consider a war. Even then there is likely an argument is Ukraine is a proxy war.

@RshdwWarCollege @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Stop saying stuff that is not true? Iran is not a Russian vassal state. Ukraine is not at war with Russia.

@RshdwWarCollege @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Are the USA or Russia firing any weapons directly at one another? No. Iran is not at war with Ukraine just because they are supplying Russia with drones

@arthurwilbury25 @evenflo4123 @WarMonitor3 Sure it was not just Afghanistan then.... It's not just Ukraine now

@arthurwilbury25 @evenflo4123 @WarMonitor3 Sure it was not just advantage then.... It's not just Ukraine now

@evenflo4123 @WarMonitor3 Russia has less than a 3:1 population advantage. Further more Ukraine is fighting for it's existence against invaders, where as Russia is fighting to make Putin feel relevant. Russia has lost wars taking only 14k killed (Afghanistan, 1st Chechen). Or further back Crimean war

@11th_jeff @ZeligVasirov @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa Also India sent a couple of million $$ in medical aid. Etc. Different countries have given different amounts of support. But the world is clearly supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia.

@ZeligVasirov @11th_jeff @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa Yes well it is a shit analogy eitherway. The point is the world is supporting Ukraine against Russia.

@11th_jeff @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa There is no doubt that compared to Ukraine Russia has a large military industrial complex. But compared to those supporting Ukraine it is tiny. So Ukraine is very dependent on external help. Does not change the fact that Russia is losing.

@11th_jeff @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa well Ukraine has been only taking 1/7th the losses of Russia recently. If it was doing that for the entire war it would mean they would be at only 20k casualties. But last summer they were taking more. So 40k

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