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@elonmusk @EliClifton @DavidSacks I disagree, if the world allows a win for Russia it'll justify Putin propaganda machine. He needs to loose in Ukraine.

@FriskCalvin @wil_da_beast630 Russia is known for false flag attacks to justify actions against it neighbors. The whole NAZIS thing in Ukraine is comical. Putin really believes a majority of the population is stupid.

@abhinavp99 @VTOLFanAccount @ANorthernPundit @FistedFoucault OMG with the Nazi crap again. You want to fight real Nazis, visit Ohio. The president of Ukraine is bloody Jewish. The Ukrainians might have a few white supremacists, but nothing at the levels as Russia. Only blacks is Russia are cooking the food.

@BlackDouglas Only risk takers are the invaders. Russia is fighting Ukrainians not Americans, if that was the case the military operation would have already been over. And free elections would have taken place in Russia months ago. Ukraine doing a pretty good job defending.

@BlackDouglas Those missiles have to travel a long distance to get here. Ours are right next door, I'm really doubtful Russia can back any of it technical lies. Especially after they're show in Ukraine, drink your vodka and dream. We'll keep send our outdated hardware to Ukraine and lough.

@c_knightrider @soggynachos1 @hiitslissy @LucasEs31832992 @losfarringtons @TimRunsHisMouth @BillyBaldwin None of what you posted is backed by facts. Ukraine had international watch dog groups monitor the election to prevent ballet stuffing. The former president was a Putin puppet and lost.

@AnthonySarich @AMFChina @MilliMacPherson They aren't going to freeze or starve. The sanctions have caused a minor inconvenience for Germany and other countries. A small price to pay compared to what's happening in Ukraine. I'll take a little economic inflation over murder.

@BoggisCat @ZaphodsFolly @Leslie64993617 @AP Wait! Ukraine is defending itself, they didn't declare war on anyone. The United States is only supplying weapons intelligence plus humanitarian ad. Putin using the US as a excuse for his actions and stupidity, you don't want a war with the US. Would be devastating to Russia.

@marymodestus This is just in, Russia is send very dangerous tanks one by one in a line to Ukraine to be destroyed or captured.

@KennyEdw @Gerashchenko_en But it's Russia that doing the invading, they aren't defending themselves. They are puppets in Putin's war! The motherland isn't Ukraine!

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