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Finland and Sweden are outstanding democratic allies, who have shown great courage and strength in condemning Putin’s monstrous and unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people have displayed unimaginable heroism, as they confront unconscionable atrocities. The Congress remains with Ukraine as it fights to defend Democracy – not only for its people but for the world.

Today, the Congress was honored to hear from the First Lady of Ukraine, @ZelenskaUA. As Russia continues its cruel invasion, she has traveled here from the heart of the warzone to provide a report on security, economic and humanitarian conditions on the ground.

Join Members of Congress and me at the U.S. Capitol as we hear remarks by First Lady Of Ukraine @ZelenskaUA and convey our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine.

It has been my pleasure to work with President Fico over the years. He has brought the values of Italy to our vital partnership — from countering Russia's invasion of Ukraine and combating the pandemic to addressing the climate crisis and promoting democracy around the world.

Putin's cruel attack on Ukraine has disrupted key supply chains, contributing to rising food prices and inflicting horrendous consequences on many of the world's poorest nations.

We reaffirmed our countries’ commitments to supporting the people of Ukraine as they courageously fight back against Putin’s unlawful aggression, including by strengthening NATO and the G7.

It was my honor to meet with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale Palace this afternoon. Our discussions focused on our nations’ ongoing partnership to advance security, enhance prosperity and defend Democracy in Ukraine – for our nations and in the world.

In the face of the suffering in Ukraine, let us reiterate our commitment to continue fulfilling America’s responsibility to our neighbors around the world and renew our resolve to uphold the rights, safety and dignity of every person, everywhere.

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