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@MarQs__ Shit is about to hit the fan in Ukraine. Massive shit coming up in coming days or weeks. Feels very much like 2 weeks before 24th of February 2022

@SanderRegter I was talking about keeping it secret by the gvt. The best way for Ukraine to win an offensive is to make some surprises . It's good countries make their donations public but it looses some surprise potential on the battlefield

@between2things @Faytuks France has quiet a range of air defense systems Ukraine is eyeing on. Those they already received like the crotal and other had quiet the success it seems

@NOELreports Good thing if they can repair tanks and other things outside of Ukraine.

@Fella_IA_X25 but let's be honest if russia tries to open multiple fronts again in Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kyiv, it will be bloody for sure. But the daily counts of Russian casualties will be in the 1500s, if they have so many guys to spare even

@Fella_IA_X25 freezing temp in >Ukraine soon. Moscow playing mind games about an offensive

@NOELreports Russia is using it on civilians. If given to Ukraine I'm pretty sure it will be used on the front lines and or military targets only. Horrible ammunition, but Ukraine shouldn't have to pass on ammos the Russians widely used this far

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