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How many of you are aware that should the US succeed in weakening Russia, Putin will launch tactical nukes? And if that doesn't work, strategic nukes. You are aware of that, right? My question to you: Is any nation worth WW3? Ukraine? Taiwan? Israel? I say no!

@J465b2 Ukraine should be ditched. Watch "Ukraine on Fire".

@gatodelsol83 He failed at 1/6. Remember? Threw his minions under the bus once it failed. Remember? Why Ukraine? Because the US has 20 biolabs conducting experiments illegal in the US? Because his Nazi buddies could help?

@RepJimBanks He knows he could have prevented the Ukraine invasion simply by saying Ukraine would never be part of NATO.

@Irate_Minority @DecemberAndi Imagine the protocol violations the Army has in Ukraine biolabs...

@DecemberAndi Nothing new for Ukrazis. Have you watched Oliver Stone's docu Ukraine on Fire? That blew my mind.

@ROSmit13 Probably right. Two weeks after Ukraine invasion i found it using Google. Maybe I got lucky...

@ROSmit13 Never apologize for being hoodwinked by governments. They get us all sooner or later. Did you see Ukraine on Fire by Oliver Stone? That guy knew what was going down years before it happened. Stone is my hero

@NotYourAvgGal My son was just about to start his fireproof housing business. People in rural forested areas need fireproof homes. Half the price. Goes up in a week. Withstands 2,800 degrees for 30 mins . The problem? The Ukraine war started. That's where the technology was built. Argh...

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