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@FiorellaIsabelM You have learned how to lie, but do not forget to say that Russia started the violence, in 2014, by attacking and occupying Donbass. And for 8 years, Russian troops shelled civilians and committed genocide before attacking the rest of Ukraine.

@BS_overload @David_Brabant @davidkersten Yes, peaceful, independent, democratic Ukraine, what doubts can there be? Only the Nazis can say otherwise, who justify the fascist aggression of Russia with such lies.

@BS_overload @David_Brabant @davidkersten The main thing is that the West is fully helping Ukraine in the war that Putin provoked and started against peaceful democratic Ukraine. If not for the help of the West, Ukraine would have already been destroyed.

@BS_overload @David_Brabant @davidkersten I am writing about the Ukrainian government, which does not sufficiently assist the West in helping Ukraine. That is, it goes against the Ukrainian people.

@FiorellaIsabelM @NebojsaMalic What was known from the very beginning was confirmed. Russia destroyed the captured heroes of Ukraine with thermobaric shells and dug their graves in advance. The vile attempts to blame Ukraine were unsuccessful.

@Brutuscass @dskorobutov You continue to be stupid) In Ukraine, logos in most cases use the Latin alphabet) Not knowing this is ignorance. Just like proving to the authors what they used and for what)

@Brutuscass @dskorobutov There are no "eastern Ukrainians", Ukraine is a single country and Ukrainians in the east are also waiting for liberation and fighting against the Russian Nazis, who destroy and occupy them.

@Brutuscass @dskorobutov Ukraine is giving its lives in the fight against Russian Nazism, while you, a zombified slave of the Kremlin and a parasite, eat through the taxes of Western taxpayers. If you don't like Nazism, come to Ukraine and fight with us.

@Brutuscass @dskorobutov And who asks you, the Kremlin bot? Ukraine is fighting for the whole world against Russian Nazism. So everyone is happy to help. Russia is tired of its genocides and everyone wants to destroy it.

@dskorobutov @Brutuscass If it calms you to call idiotic numbers at random, then good luck. Zombies like to comfort themselves before being eliminated. Ukraine's army today is 4 times larger than on February 24, while Russia's is 2 times smaller. You have become the cannon fodder of the Kremlin Reich.

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