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Corporate Relations Consultant with Speyside CR, father, humanist
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Ukraine has won the battle of Lyman and killed or captured 1000's of RU soldiers, the battle of Kherson is all but certain to conclude in a similar way in coming weeks. Can Putin survive the humiliation of these defeats days after his annexation announcement? I think not

@TheNewYurovsky @nancymilgate @BeschlossDC Me? Personally? I have no idea how your comments are in any way relevant. I despise those actions of the CIA and US just as much as I despise Putin and his actions in Ukraine, one can hold these two positions simultaneously, something the Putin bootlickers can't seem to grasp.

@chaotic456 @radicalize101 @Barbara4NC Everyone, including Putin, said he would not attack Ukraine. He has threatened the whole world and must be stopped, no compromise, till the bitter end.

@2246Abo @Aita_Leida @NOELreports This, Putin may not survive the shock of a second major defeat the day after his grand announcement. More likely, it will greatly dampen the likelihood any more troops will agree to go to Ukraine

@JColdboy1 @lavern_spicer @TheLeoTerrell @RealCandaceO @seanhannity @dbongino I never advocated anything, I merely said I was surprised Ukraine hasn't done so, as they are clearly propagandists for RU and that is costing Ukrainian lives. Like Mossad's approach to terrorists AND terrorist apologists, I can see Ukrainians taking a similar approach in time

@WallatCapital @Itchingforfight @MrKovalenko Largely thanks to the UKR partisans that are everywhere and report anything relevant up the chain of command. There is nowhere safe for Russians in Ukraine territory and this must be psychologically exhausting

@GoggySan @Sharethepower22 @EvaKBartlett Pipe dream...Russia can barely field an army in Ukraine, their economy is in tatters, China and India have snubbed Putin's request for help, their alliance with Iran is threatened by revolution there and Putin is using the only card he has left, threaten with nukes...weak

@JLoovali @Maitre_Malterre @Biz_Ukraine_Mag Don't worry, Ukraine will survive and thrive...Russia is headed for the dark ages

@Maitre_Malterre @Biz_Ukraine_Mag At this stage it does not matter, Ukraine has a window of maybe 6-8 weeks to capitalize on their gains and disarray of RU Army, Germany and all EU should be sending anything and everything NOW. They will be sorry when this turns into a 4 year war as they quibbled over semantics

@kljajic_stevan @RGriff2022 @danielch103 @francis_scarr Clearly you didn't read my post carefully, I stated that all ethnicities in Ukraine are Ukrainian first...not Russian or Polish or Tartar. They are all Ukrainians, and as such cannot simply say they are Russian and this is Russia. Even you know that's not how it works

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