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The U.S. support for Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine makes it so they have no right to lecture any other country about anything

Israel and Ukraine are the two most corrupt countries in the world and the west loves them.

@ggreenwald This is why I refuse to vote for anyone who was complicit with the Ukraine money laundering scheme

Liberals calling for WW3 after the Poland missile attack, only for it to be revealed it鈥檚 Ukraine fault thus them going silent about it, is one of my favorite moments this year 馃ぃ

@SabbySabs2 @noreallyyall White progressives are all for funding nazis in Ukraine while wagging their finger at black and brown leftists who strongly oppose doing so for obvious reasons So tired of these people

You know the Democratic Party jumped the shark when military officials are calling for peace talks in Ukraine but the people to their right are the politicians and diplomats in charge

Ukraine flag nazi supporting Twitter saying the quiet part out loud

John Fetterman going to arm the nazis in Ukraine just like every other Senator Fetterman wouldn鈥檛 win if the establishment didn鈥檛 want him to

Tulsi Gabbard is literally endorsing people who are support funding the Ukraine proxy war now 馃ぃ Tulsi Gabbard is the AOC of the Republican party

LIVE: Matt Duss vs Ray McGovern DEBATE on Ukraine | The NATO LEFT is Dangerous

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