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@Billybo46492358 @AZgeopolitics Lol, missed the part where Ukraine borders Finland or Sweden 馃槀

@PrimeBullz @IBleedOrange1 @bhoy831 @mtracey Lol, Ukraine had neutrality written into its constitution. It was removed only after Russia invaded. So you sir, are a liar.

@timand2037 @SecBlinken Would you like to question the legality of Russian occupied Koenigsberg? Syria attacked Israel, it lost, and it lost territory. Ukraine didn鈥檛 attack Russia.

@LLAMAoist @JetsenSunday @SocialistBoomer @aaronjmate Lol, if US actually gave millions in weapons to Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion, this war never would鈥檝e happened. 鈥ponsored two far-rights coups, in your 馃ぁworld maybe.

@OBO2002 @RedFrontTweeter @DAJensen07 @BadSocialisms @jonesysma Because Ukraine bombed a strategic target, the people that died, while tragic, weren鈥檛 the targets. Russia bombed a civilian apartment building.

@Acatrancher @LexxBrody @kenklippenstein @JamesRisen1 They assumed Russia would bomb Ukraine into the Stone Age based on what Russians did in Chechnya. Instead Russians went for Iraq style invasion thinking Ukraine would fall apart.

@will_b_l8 @raguileramx @BMarchetich @RStatecraft Are you suggesting Ukraine should let Russia occupy their land so Putin can say mission accomplished?

@TheYeSecondary @LotherAvanti @ZubyMusic Putin 鈥榓 speech 2 days before the invasion. Ukraine is historical mistake, Ukrainians are lost Russians and shouldn鈥檛 exist. But yes, Russia was provoked. Ukrainians provoked Russia by existing.

@moinaksg Dumb question. What in the video points this being Ukraine? I mean besides the obvious trolling.

@blackintheempir You are correct, they failed to report the war Russia waged on Ukraine for the last 8 yrs.

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