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Stay proud my beautiful slavic people. You bow to no one. Our tradition and history is at odds with
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Hey NATO loving dumb! Look! This is what you are doing and then turn your animal pig heads away toward Ukraine!! He who is without sin should cast the first stone! And it's definitely not you.

Wow. Now this is surprise of a year. Doubts plague US marines fighting for Ukraine.ProRussian sentiments in US Marine Corps. Some marines don't believe Western media&consider US policy criminal,some went fighting for Russians.John Mark Dugan, journalist&former marine on DPR side.

So EU get Heil Hitler Ukraine war on coins. Biggest idiocy I ever see. But then again Germany's running the show. Nazie tradition...

Nothing to see here right @tfajon @vladaRS. Go back to retard Ukraine, Ukraine chant. NGOs are occupied by menstruation today. It's just Gaza so who cares Critisizing Israel over this is not antisemtic. Anyone who equates this is retarded.

@GoncharenkoUa I hope serbia will recognize DPR and LPR. You are right. West and Ukraine must also recognize them. Nuice to see you support independant republic of DPR and LPR. Democracy for all. Wont you have problem in ukraine because of this? Goatlover dumb ars馃槀馃槀馃槀

Rest in peace little princess. And curse those people who support Ukraine by putting out the smiles of children. Amnesty International finaly admitted that your executioners are committing thousands of war crimes. 鈥硷笍You are free now. Pray for us sinners鈥硷笍

Aint we lucky mofs. We get rid of Russian culture so now we can enjoy in every on west that we call art! Our "art experts" are experts for art as much as let's say western experts for war in Ukraine...

Oh look. It's Russians boombing Ukraine. Oh... Wait. Nah. It's Israel boombing Palestinians. Nevermind. Everything's ok. Move along. Look the other way.

If you visit the city of Slavyanoserbsk in eastern Ukraine, you will find a beautiful monument celebrating the Slavic brotherhood. It shows a Cossack together with a Russian and a Serb walking together. Below them is an inscription in- 猬囷笍 1/3

Ukraine Ustashe. Shiptars and goatfu.ckers aint Slavic friendes. But i understand him. He also like goats馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

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