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@coltmodel711 @kirlominbar Russia learned all the wrong lessons from the collapse of Afghanistan & went into the invasion of Ukraine assuming surrender was a fait accompli. As such they did stupid things like try to minimize civilian causalities & economic damage by not taking out the electrical grid day 1

Not to mention Ukraine has volunteer battalions you can join at the drop of a hat. Safe to say if you want an adventure, you can have one

When you seethe so much about Ukraine thwarting Russian expansionism you actually start pretending Indians had a civilization comparable to Europe

An often unmentioned but major cause of Russia鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine was the fall of Afghanistan. All resistance collapsed under a week without direct US troop support. Putin assumed (incorrectly) that any other US satellite state would fall just as easily

@ShibaDude2 @Grusht_hekurt @Pan_Pat2054 Yes but Ukraine & Russia have no larger outside threat to oppose nor are they already united

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