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@HRpufnsting @BenjaminNorton I think there was silent genocide to those in Ukraine with Russian ethnicity and Russia wanted them safe! If reality was expected a refurendum to those affected to decide would have matters to rest. Ukraine, EUROPE and US never allowed this to happen! However, UN should have !

@timand2037 So it appears great powers have hidden agendas in many forms to intentionally destabilse! How do you explain second world war in comparison to looming third world war? Is USA Taiwan and China or Ukraine crisis not to mention Russia sanctions with hidden trade wars? Can be geopltc

@Africa_Archives It is great to have someone listened to and war is stopped. Who can stop on the international scene the Ukraine crisis, the Taiwan, the Tigray, the M23 in DRC, the Mozambique insurgency and Nigerian Bukoharam.?

@EbrahimHashem Russia has and will continue to have impact on global business, security, nuclear impact and galaxies race to mention but a few! Apparently Ukraine crisis is to remain on for sometime.

@vpdamodar @timand2037 I have watched Putin deliberating, there is alot to learn from him as he briefly stresses issues with real examples. Let the attendants judge and make opinions with set examples. Yes Russia invaded Ukraine, true also weapons of mass destruction were never there in Iraq!

@zansin098 @AlexanderV878 @agent_of_change One time Ukraine signed agreement with Russia, but Ukraine abused the agreement because US advised and Russia invaded, can't the agreement be invoked and war stops immediately? Who can broker the revisit of the Belarus agreement with adjustables and stop the war immediately?

@agent_of_change UN EU, Russia & Ukraine, US are setting planet earth in a no return direction of trade, fossil fuel, Petro dollar as well as alliances in military touches. Africa has to be cautious not in this direct, but, expected casualty of consequences!

@DefenceAust @Team_Luftwaffe As US involvement in Europe strategies are on change approach, the German air force has to comeback and NATO needs real transformed air force as China get more military touches with modern weapons. Thus Ukraine RUSSIA conflict is real geopolitical game changer both trade& militar

@EpochTimesChina Whatever is happening in this region who should surely be blamed? However, there is urgent need to restrain war tendencies including the Ukraine crisis! Our earth has a climate war tending to destroy all of us and all living species! We need to fight climate war yesterday!

@ArinWaichulis @ClimateHuman Great scientist, but, what is the solution as emergency action and long term required set up to be out of danger. Ukraine crisis and Pelosi visit to Taiwan have shadowed climate change danger! May be nuclear war will create new climate change effects for better earths!

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