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@GrahamAllen_1 Do we really need a confrontation with China now with tensions very high over Ukraine? Milley defused the situation a bit by delaying the shoot-down. Milley also recommends negotiations for Ukraine. Shows excellent judgement,moderation, maturity.

@berlin_bridge @noobixerz You don't see the forest for the trees. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, potentially the whole world is involved. You are ignoring this palpable danger.

@berlin_bridge The world must win because there are more people in the world than in Ukraine.

@KyivIndependent Countries with Leo 2 tanks eg Poland, Czechia , should send them to Ukraine without Germany's permission. Then govt should deny responsibility, say it is a mystery who gave approval.

@Gerashchenko_en He is saying that Dubai is now part of Mother Russia. Same Russian arrogance and desire for domination that got them in trouble in Ukraine. They believe they are special.

@IuliiaMendel How to end this war is a big problem . Russia couldn't tolerate NATO. How is it going to tolerate a powerfully armed Ukraine in its midst? There is a case for allowing Russia to keep Crimea, was Russian from 1783-1954. Independent since 1991.

@OfficeOfMike Russia has imperial designs on Eastern Europe which would mean Cold War 2.0 and a much bigger defence budget. So a successful war in Ukraine, thanks to the sacrifice of the brave people of Ukraine would save you a lot of tax dollars in the long run.

@roosterstu @IuliiaMendel History seems to repeat itself in Europe,they can't escape their bloody past. Yugoslav War 1991-2001, 140,000 dead, refugees, Srebrenica massacre, 8,000 dead, Europe weak response,allowed it to happen. Now Ukraine.

@ulrichspeck This is not the story. The story is the war between NATO and Russia. It's not just about Ukraine. The stakes are higher in this poker game,it's life or death for the planet. How come these Slavs fight so much? What a history of violence.

@McFaul I'm glad Biden has adopted a go-slow approach to arming Ukraine. Much more realistic than what @McFaul is advocating.

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