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@Skubie6 Like people cared about allies of course in like the -1800s but this hysterical response of like pulling out of Syria and potential pull out of Ukraine are insane of course say Germany cared about Bulgaria but not Engough to sacrifice its own core interests

@KILLEDPOPE Ukraine made any collaboration like 15 years in prison and like 3/4 of the republics are still war zones don鈥檛 see how it would ever be looked at as legitimate tbh

@bullets_dll Decolonization in the context of novorossiya is so funny both Ukraine and Russia leaves 1/2 Crimean tartars from sinop come back lol

@Hakurei1933 @TomThVLeaaN_2 @hesjustlikme69 Georgia Ukraine are orthodox who don鈥檛 like Russia Armenia is mostly apolitstic

@finschafen @xX_Chud88_Xx @TuckahoeCohee That鈥檚 mutually beneficial though like Ukraine and Azeri recognizing each other鈥檚 territorial integrity

@Primus_Longism Ukraine becomes a israel - Iran proxy war amazing things are happening

@talunavgals Ukraine is tearing down industrial society just like how pine treecels wanted鈥

@PussyLickerGR Being the worlds largest wheat importer while having Russia and Ukraine as part of the union wasn鈥檛 ideal but given how bad the collapse has been waiting for the 2000s oil spike would鈥檝e been better

@talunavgals But yeah Russia very clearly said Ukraine and Georgia cannot join nato and that was ignored him allowing the Baltic鈥檚 to join was more than a olive branch than the west deserved

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