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It's all about the dynamic vs. formal equivalence, baby.
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Briahna Joy Gray and Roger Waters hating on Ukraine after the liberation of Kherson is the boot-licking copium of the asses.

@TonyMasiuk @AngryLevantine Makes me feel like watching those 16 ethnic translations of “Shche ne vmerla” again. From sea to steppes to swamps, what is now Ukraine has always been multi-ethnic and polyglot. This is the heritage of ethnic Ukrainians, as well as national minorities.

Russia Is Urged to Rejoin Grain Deal as Hunger Warnings Mount - It should be abundantly obvious to all: the only way to ensure the free and unhindered export of grain from Ukraine is the defeat of Russia as quickly as possible. There is no...

With Western Weapons, Ukraine Is Turning the Tables in an Artillery War - To intentionally mix classic fantasy, it turns out Excalibur is a handy orc-killer.

@LeoNYC @HillaryClinton Because he was also into QAnon, white replacement theory, right-wing conspiracy theories about pedophiles and Ukraine that are represented in congress by elected Republicans. That's why.

Liberal Democrats call on Biden to shift Ukraine strategy Ceasefires only prolong conflicts without resolution. I agree fully with Rep. Gallego: the way to end this war is for Russian forces to withdraw from Ukraine, and to ensure that...

The only party in violation (and flagrant and repeated violation, at that) has been the Russian Federation over its eight years of aggression against Ukraine.

@Human1st @becomespaghetti @OTregub Patriots have the actual capability against ballistic and cruise missiles that Ukraine needs. Iron Dome doesn’t do that. So why are you fixated on Iron Dome despite it not being an adequate system? Israel’s already provided more than most countries. Ask India for something.

@Human1st @becomespaghetti @OTregub We’re getting snippy because you’re so dense. Iron Dome does not protect against what Russia is launching. Iron Dome does not provide the coverage Ukraine needs. Iron Dome is too sensitive to be allowed anywhere near Russians. Get angry at the US for not providing Patriots.

@j_temain "Kyiv" is the standard form adopted for English by international bodies. So I use Kyiv in English. Were I able to speak Russian, I would say "Kiev," even though my sympathies in the present war are strongly for Ukraine.

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