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partial mobilisation still doesnt mean Russia can just dump them in Ukraine without changing either the law on war or the status as SMO. these conscript soldiers are not professionals contract soldiers thus not contracted to enter conflict without designation as war or terror op

@simonlebong @FranzMendelsso1 @RWApodcast Russia for instance Every day report their missile strikes with casualty numbers of specific brigadades of Ukraine. This specificity can be checked and debunked/verified. Ukraine just says we killed 1000 that's useless info. Tho at the end of the day its all guessing

@for_ukriane @SchweriDaniel Says the Guy supporting Every us project from what? Germany? Ukraine has been slaughtering people in the east for 8 years that's not 'victim' and no i dont support turkish invasion of the kurds i think they are jihadist tho i support a good deal. Unfortunately us blocks it

@Nappy_boo Yemeni's starve themselves!? Ukraine had a million ways of preventing war teken had none. Is there famine in ukraine? Half a million dead? Millions starving? Blockade? No support... Then shut the fuck up

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