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Putin鈥檚 Russia is our adversary. It is very much in America鈥檚 security interest to continue supporting Ukraine. Today鈥檚 provocation also underscores the urgent need for a revamped Black Sea strategy. We cannot leave it up to Putin to define the rules of the Black Sea.

Putin鈥檚 propaganda machine is being boosted, as we鈥檙e seeing in Ukraine, by extensive and persistent cyberattacks. Met with @royalhansen鈥擵P of Privacy, Safety, and Security at @Google鈥攐n addressing cybersecurity threats amid new advancements in technology.

While this war is theirs to fight, it's critical to our national security that we support Ukraine's effort against Putin鈥檚 military aggression. Met with former @NATO Secretary General and Prime Minster of Denmark @AndersFoghR for a discussion on bolstering Ukraine鈥檚 security.

The global competition between dictatorship and democracy is center stage in Ukraine. The world is watching to see whether we have the courage of our convictions to honor our long-standing commitment to Ukraine鈥檚 sovereignty. America will not shrink from our support of freedom.

Putin鈥檚 Russia is not our friend and it is China鈥檚 most powerful ally. Supporting Ukraine weakens an adversary, enhances our national security advantage, and requires no shedding of American blood.

Doing the right thing for another nation can also be the right thing for America. It is in our interest to support Ukraine. Doing so makes Russia far less likely to launch major new wars, which would further damage our economy and threaten our security.聽

History has taught us that when one country feels they can invade another country with little consequence, violence spreads and we become vulnerable to being pulled into a conflict. Supporting Ukraine is not just the right thing to do, it鈥檚 imperative for U.S. national security.

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