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Tom Cotton
U.S. Senator proudly serving the state of Arkansas.
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Russia鈥檚 Ukraine invasion has shown that our munitions stockpiles were already dangerously low after decades of neglect.聽 But we can and should build back to ensure America鈥檚 safety and strength.

The reason the war in Ukraine has gone on this long is Joe Biden's timid and tardy decisions.

The correct decision again comes too late. President Biden鈥檚 hesitance to send tanks to Ukraine has prolonged this war, raising the cost and death toll.

The Biden administration's decisions have made the war in Ukraine bloodier and longer than it should have been.

President Biden has tried to split the difference between helping Ukraine and avoiding a Russian 鈥榚scalation鈥 that never seems to occur.聽 But he鈥檚 falling into Russia鈥檚 trap: outlast the west in a prolonged war with a higher body count.

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