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@framtidgames @Silviryo @maxseddon That I know by now. Anyway, like I said, Ukraine is part of the American Empire now.

@EczemaItsFine @goldnecklace2 @RPBradley1 @benshapiro Yeah, the far-left REALLY hates Liz Cheney. And they really hate the Azov fascists in Ukraine. No way you are this bad at this. You must be a troll.

@jeremymstamper @mtracey Yeah, brilliant. Right after a war fought to prevent Ukraine from entering NATO, have Ukraine enter NATO.

@EczemaItsFine @goldnecklace2 @RPBradley1 @benshapiro Communists just make stuff up. But I'm convincted that you're just a troll. No one can be this dumb. Go fight for your fellow fascists in Ukraine.

@Jipcgirl1 @Reuters No one's as dumb as a Ukraine flag. Yeah, they blew up their own pipeline when they can just turn off the gas flow at any time.

@EbojfmCbtum @sawtelle310 @powerfultakes @ThePaper0 And how did the building catch fire? If I can say that Russia did anything wrong, by leveling Mariupol, can you say that Ukraine did anything wrong? Or are the Bandera fans all pure and innocent?

@EbojfmCbtum @sawtelle310 @powerfultakes @ThePaper0 Tell me, if Ukraine has a 'right' not to be a part of Russia, does Abkhazia have a 'right' to not be a part of Georgia? Or is your answer yes in the first case because Ukraine is your ally, and no in the second case because Georgia is your ally?

@EbojfmCbtum @sawtelle310 @powerfultakes @ThePaper0 Ukraine threatened to acquire nuclear weapons. It has been gathering weapons since 2014 to murder Russian speakers in the Donbas and to try to seize Crimea from Russia. It has in its constitution a promise to join an alliance that is intrinsically hostile to Russia.

@EbojfmCbtum @sawtelle310 @powerfultakes @ThePaper0 Correct. It depends on the motivation. Ukraine is a threat to Russia, so invading it is justified. Iraq was not a threat to the US, so invading it is not justified. Your senile president voted for invading Iraq, BTW

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