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Secretary Antony Blinken
Husband, dad, (very) amateur guitarist, and the 71st Secretary of State serving under the leadership
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Despite the increased threats they face as a result of Russia鈥檚 brutal war, the women of Ukraine are serving their country and fighting for freedom and democracy. We stand #UnitedWithUkraine.

We are designating Wagner Group as a Transnational Criminal Organization. In addition to their abuses in Ukraine, Wagner operatives regularly commit abuses in Africa. Countries that invite criminals to solve their security problems find themselves robbed and held hostage instead.

We took actions today to degrade Russia鈥檚 capacity to wage war against Ukraine and to promote accountability for abuse by sanctioning those supporting the Wagner Group鈥檚 operations worldwide, producers of Russia鈥檚 weapons, and those administering Russia-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Co-hosted a meeting with @MofaJapan_en of @G7 allies & other partners on efforts to expedite energy equipment deliveries to Ukraine. We remain committed to providing Ukraine what it needs to defend, repair & replace its energy infrastructure in the face of Russia鈥檚 brutal attacks

Spoke with Qatar鈥檚 Minister of Foreign Affairs @MBA_AlThani_ today about peace efforts in eastern DRC and assistance for Ukraine. I also thanked Qatar for helping us continue to support the Afghan people.

The Chicago metropolitan area hosts the second-largest Ukrainian population in the nation. I greatly appreciated hearing from the community鈥檚 leaders about their efforts to support Ukraine and recently resettled refugees.

.@SenatorDurbin and I toured the @UIMArt 鈥淐hildren of War鈥 exhibit, featuring powerful art by Ukrainian children. With our Allies and partners, we continue to support Ukraine鈥檚 efforts to defend against and repel Russia鈥檚 attacks against Ukraine鈥檚 civilians.

Good call today with @EU_EEAS High Representative @JosepBorrellF about our transatlantic unity in support of Ukraine and close U.S.-EU cooperation on the PRC and Iran.

Today we announced an additional $125 million in funding to support Ukraine鈥檚 energy and electric grid against Russia鈥檚 attacks designed to leave millions without power during the winter months. These attacks have made Ukrainians only even more determined to persevere.

Our partnership has never been stronger. Together, we鈥檙e united against Russia鈥檚 unprovoked, unjustifiable, and horrific invasion of Ukraine.

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