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Football Fan, I sometimes go by Lauranon..馃か
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@newsmax I don't believe a word that comes outta that war mongers mouth- so there's that. He's got his tentacles in all the cookie jars-especially Ukraine. Why don't you investigate that, and report the truth to the people, NewsHax?

@SpeakerPelosi Why are they wearing masks? They look like the communist idiots they are, that's for sure. They do not care about Ukraine, Taiwan, and especially OUR United States. Disgusting.

@ArtValley818_ He needs to call back the Azov battalion Nazis here posing as Patriot 馃挬 Front. We can thank this corrupt regime in DC and all the morons funding the Nazis filled Ukraine. 馃槨

@POTUS Most do not agree with this. You're destroying our economy, to go thru a "transition" to electric, that we don't have yet, and uses oil, gas and coal, anyway 馃え Let Ukraine go thru a f*** transition! This is criminal!

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