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@UAWeapons this is impressive. if it was Excalibur ammo, let's hope boatloads of them are being carried to Ukraine as we speak.

@maksymeristavi Better put a tax on visas for russians and use the money to support Ukraine. It's good for us (and Ukraine) if russians don't spend their money in russia.

@NancySy19 @WarMonitor3 I'm no expert, but if Ukraine lets them use these bridges, then they have a reason for. Maybe they want to let civilians out or maybe they wait for the perfect moment to destroy this last straw of hope for the occupants in Kherson - psychological warfare?

@Dr_ChristopherM @Aviation_Intel @oryxspioenkop Nobody cares if they want or not, they'll be forced to withdraw from Ukraine. Interestingly, Chruschtschow actually did hand Crimea over to Ukraine. https://t.co/ehGrMhYlyV

@UAWeapons wow, imagine Ukraine having 10'000 of these drones - how soon could they kick all russians out of their country!! I love the idea of a army of drones. Ukraine can win the war with lots of drones. https://t.co/iYzKHIuXa5

@AandMgrandma @Kasparov63 no, if we look at Ukraine, it's not well at all. and saying "all will be well" does not make it so.

@WarMonitor3 if true, it's a North Korean declaration of war against Ukraine.

@danielcapalot1 @KyivIndependent Wow, what a dumb comparison. russia always sees itself as a superpower and wants to reign from Vladivostok to Lisbon. Ukraine does not.

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