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@Anri_Uznali @RonaldK65412808 @RepMTG @USAID_OIG @DoD_IG @StateOIG Putin warned Zelensky what would happen if he joined NATO, NATO never intended to allow Ukraine (perhaps due to suspicion of corruption). Zelensky asked for it. Why? Never happened under President Trump, did it.

@NResh777 @kennyconnor8 @EddieK_1987 @mikepompeo It would be helpful if we would not stick our nose in other countries business, wouldn't it. When President Trump was President we had no issues of war, did we. NATO never agreed to Ukraine's request, did Zelensky lie? What two men promoted this war?

Simple, Stop sending "All Money to Foreign Countries including Ukraine". Is Social Security at Risk if the U.S. Defaults on Its Debt?

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