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The 109th Mountain Assault Battalion of the 10th OGSHBr is roasting the Russian army in the #Bakhmut direction. #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar

Judging by these photos published by the Military portal, #Ukraine received #Brimstone 2 missiles from Great Britain. This is a laser homing missile that flies at a maximum distance of up to 60 kilometers, acting on the "shoot and forget" principle. For aircraft & ground systems.

@Spartaks 💬The release of the Kinburn spit will allow Ukraine to control ports and increase naval activity, - ISW Analysts believe that, having liberated the Kinburn Spit, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will potentially be able to cross the Dnieper's left bank.

The bodies of 33 fallen heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of #Ukraine were brought home

Military training ground. Tent condition... Mobilized Yakuts are preparing for war in Ukraine to the sound of the accordion.

2/1 Good morning and have a productive week, Ukraine!🇺🇦 The thirst for freedom and independence runs in the blood of Ukrainians from generation to generation. It shows in our character, struggle and art.

2/1 5 minutes - 5 hits. With such a result, one of the snipers of the SSO of Ukraine worked against the Russian occupiers. It happened in the Donetsk direction. As a result, three Russians were killed and two were wounded.

8/6 #Putin a personal warning that the increase in escalation in #Ukraine by the Russian leadership automatically excludes #Crimea from the discussion of the "peace proposal" and in the future the immediate transfer of Crimea to Ukraine will be a prerequisite for negotiations and

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