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@KyivIndependent Ukraine is scared. They know full well that 300,000 Russian reinforcements and annexation will be a problem. No matter what you say about Russia's ability to train, equip, or whatever. This escalation by Kremlin means this war is far from over and it's time to just negotiate.

@KyivIndependent Ukraine is so nervous right now. They are literally screwed in 6months. They are begging the west for support. Ukraine would have surrendered had the west not got involved. They are weak and Russia while looking weak, is clearly the stronger country. Ukraine should negotiate.

@mrsorokaa Ukraine is really nervous right now.. they are screwed no matter how much copium they take,

@bpersecutor @SantiiA98 @geertbeerens @KofmanMichael Russia can easily muster 300k in 6 months. Russia has deep reserves of equipment and productive capacity. A long war doesn't look good for Ukraine. They should negotiate while in position of strength and forget about Crimea

@TholstrupJens @CoenraadKramers @Colin34889159 @wartranslated You omitted the context of this vote intentionally. Voting for Ukraine's independence isn't "voting to join Ukraine" as you stated. Also Crimea had lowest turnout and % saying yes to this vote. Crimea would have preferred becoming its own oblast on Russia if it had a choice.

@henryharte17 @Charles58646953 @mrsorokaa Both sides are equally responsible for what happens tomorrow. Russia is responsible for what has already happened... you're implying Ukraine has no agency in this war and must fight on indefinitely no matter the costs. That is a hawkish stance that could cause much misery

@IgorisJ @2ndLieutenantt @s1lement @DmytroKuleba Nonsense. Ukraine is the one shelling the eastern ukranians. People forget the divide of eastern and western Ukraine. Eastern Ukrainians are pro russian and literally fighting a civil war

@CentreGround6 @mc_endy @DmytroKuleba Russia doesn't want peace so its on Ukraine to decide whether they want to fight a long war and endure immense costs

@akinder71 @mtracey Ukraine is making zero attempts to deescalate. They now want to take Crimea instead of Feb 24 borders. That is escalation!

@TholstrupJens @CoenraadKramers @Colin34889159 @wartranslated Jens. Please explain when that vote happened and what Crimea was voting on? You've misunderstood the details of that vote. Crimea voted to become an independent oblast not part of Ukraine. There is more to the story too. Read this link.

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