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Poland's latest comments will be greeted with only cautious optimism in Ukraine, as the MiG-29 donations likely hinge on Poland coordinating with a coalition of NATO countries That coalition has been extremely hard to build

BREAKING: Poland says that it could supply MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine within 4-6 weeks

Germany has not adequately replenished stocks despite the Ukraine War, and the donations of howitzers, MLRS and Leopard tanks have emphasised major gaps in the German military An example of the supply pressures the EU is facing as Ukraine's counter-offensive nears

Russia: "The ability of one nation or group of nations to dominate another is becoming a thing of the past" An acknowledgement of failure in Ukraine?

However, this might be precautionary for a Ukrainian counter-offensive, much like how Ukraine is ordering evacuations from Kupiansk in Kharkiv Russia still likely sees Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia and parts of Luhansk as more vulnerable So no mass exodus from Kherson is likely

Ukraine is claiming that Russian occupier officials are preparing to leave Kherson and withdrawing looted items This mirrors conduct before Surovikin's November 2022 Kherson withdrawal and builds on reports that some senior Russian proxies in Kherson are moving to Crimea

The Moscow Patriarchate refuses to leave Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Ukraine's Ministry of Culture has demanded its departure, so this move will likely lead to a heightened conflict between Zelensky and Russia over religious rights

BREAKING: Ukraine opposes Russia's proposal to extend the Black Sea grain export deal by 60 days

Hungary's threats to torpedo EU sanctions and resistance to arming Ukraine is provoking backlash amongst Ukrainians Up to 41.4% of Ukrainians in a recent poll expressed concern about Hungarian territorial claims

Thanks @BorisJohnson for giving a speech at the Oxford-Ukraine Summit and for sharing your perspectives. It was an honour and pleasure to moderate a session with you

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