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Putin's case for digital currencies is aimed at diluting the power of monopolies in the global financial system In effect, creating a multipolar economic order, much like how Russia frames the Ukraine War as a step towards creating a multipolar geopolitical order

This is a clumsy attempt to tie Russia's strikes on Ukraine's electrical grids to Putin's initial goal of demilitarizing Ukraine. This narrative is contradicted by State Duma deputies and the Russian state media, which acknowledge power grid attacks

Russian Ambassador to Britain Andrei Kelin denies that Russia is targeting civilian infrastructure in Ukraine Instead, he claims that Russia is targeting command, control and communications infrastructure

Alexander Lukashenko urges Ukraine to drop preconditions for talks with Russia Lukashenko calls upon Zelensky to put forward conditions at the bargaining table and compromise. A message that will please Moscow and infuriate Kyiv

Right now, Lukashenko is serving Putin's purposes satisfactorily and Putin is aware that the risk of unrest would grow if Belarus deployed troops to Ukraine Getting spare ammunition/equipment from Belarusian stocks and using Belarus as a logistical/resupply base is sufficient

Would Russia risk instability in Belarus which could have unintended consequences for marginally more troops? The Belarusian army lacks the manpower or combat experience to have a major impact on the Ukraine War. I am highly skeptical of this report. Makei's death notwithstanding

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei on a September 25 France-24 interview: "Maybe, we can now say it is a real war" Makei was one of the few Russian or Belarusian officials to admit Putin's "special military operation" in Ukraine was actually a war

Here's a post about it from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic MFA. Russia is consistently trying to show that Bulgaria's solidarity with Ukraine clash with local opinion, and these anti-NATO and anti-Ukraine protests are amplified to prove this

The Lublin Triangle format of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine is increasing its clout The Lublin Triangle gathered in Kyiv to discuss Russia's civilian infrastructure strikes, forced deportations of Ukrainians and annexation referenda

The EU is donating 40 generators from its reserve stock in Romania to Ukraine A small boost to Ukraine's health care system, as each generator can supply uninterrupted electricity to a small-to-medium sized hospital

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