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@davidhogg111 We can relax as all the pieces of safety are now place thanks to Fetterman and Hogg. Never will a deranged kid cause trouble at school again. I knew it was those old senators that caused this. Oh and be sure to support the arming of Ukraine. They know how to handle guns safely.

@davidhogg111 Please fucking shut up. You are a clown to think this means anything. There are more guns than there are people in the USA. And there always will be. How bout banning stupid people who think you can outlaw something like that. Do you support an assault weapons ban for Ukraine?

@historyinmemes @elonmusk Awesome. We can be naive about defending Ukraine or we can be pragmatic. Most people loving Ukraine know nothing about Ukraine

@maidperdu @charliebilello Not essential to US. Russian Navy yes. If they keep Odessa they can export through Black Sea. More strategic is Turkey and Istanbul. Ukraine meant little to USA until they became a remaining NATO candidate on R border that could be flipped. Not worth American blood.

@charliebilello Amen. Ukraine we barely know our new found friend who is a friend indeed. Where are the diplomats. Should a nuke be used, all the diplomats on all sides shall be sent to ground zero.

@charliebilello Amen. Ukraine is loved by us but we barely know her. Is our love for our new bride endless or will we regret it when we finally start dating. Does she have any money or is this a one way relationship? Will she drag us into a war with her neighbor?

@elonmusk @SawyerMerritt @SpaceX Use commercial contracts and catalog prices. Ukraine shouldn鈥檛 pay less than I do.

@SawyerMerritt @SpaceX @elonmusk Ukraine should pay via DoD contract. Ukraine should be on hook to repay USA over time like England did for WW2.

@daarfield @thatinvestrlife @BillAckman @DavidSacks @Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa Amen, love Ukraine but you our new found friend are not worth a nuke and I don鈥檛 care about every inch.

@jdmarrs @BillAckman @DavidSacks @Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa Germany was well armed and a hot knife thru butter. Russia is a dull butter knife cutting thru concrete.

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