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@eu_eeas Strange, that this was not so important for you when Ukraine bombarded all these territories eight years long. Disgusting hypocrites.

MintPressNews: "Supporting NATO, you are not supporting the people of Ukraine, you are supporting US hegemony." Labour member Angelo Sanchez has been suspended from the party for this intervention at the annual conference.

@DruidSmith @ivan_8848 Really? Now watch the chief strategist of Ukraine, how his plan looks like:

@EUCouncilPress @JosepBorrellF For the EU was the Bombardement of these territories, eight years long not sham and illegal and never condemned the killing people just because of their nationality. The autonomy of them was agreed in the Minsk Accords with UNSC approval. Never complied by Ukraine & the West.

@jncatron Don't forget, Ukraine rejected the offered Iron Dome system, since it is only a light show. In the Ukraine flying real rockets with real explosive heads.

@jatinde55345952 @EvaKBartlett Amnesty condemned Ukraine alone. About them you cannot claim pro Russian position.

Russia and Ukraine agreed to a negotiated settlement to end the conflict in April, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened to stop the peace deal, and the US and EU escalated the proxy war to try to weaken Moscow

The Australian artist was accused of Russian propaganda for caling for peace between Russia and Ukraine. The artist had to apologize. According to the BBC, Peter Seaton portrayed soldiers of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces. Thus, he symbolized the call for a

@Godfried1382 Exactly. By the way, inside Ukraine they intend to do the same: Expel the Russian speaking Ukrainians and undertake their properties, homes, land.

middleeasteye: A report by The Intercept highlights a 'double standard' in Meta's moderation policies, allowing graphic content about the war in Ukraine to stay on its platforms while censoring content showing the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli army.

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