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@AZgeopolitics What a crock of shit. Because they won’t get the result they want in the ICC as Ukraine has not ratified it. And Bucha is too thorny an issue. Ursula you are being unjust, unethical, amoral, and just downright stupid… anything else I’m forgetting ?

Lazy reporting from the BBC as usual (to put mildly) too blinded by their support for Ukraine to provide impartial reporting. As a uk tax payer it’s disgusting. Thank you for the alternative take. @BBCNews @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking

@DefenceHQ @BWallaceMP @BMVg_Bundeswehr Don’t bother talking to Wallace he is an untrustworthy fool who knows nothing about Ukraine. He’s not in charge of defence in this country any more anyway

@joelw_762 @BenzinBabe @rochowanski Yes to anyone with half a brain and can read the news with their own eyes, rather than listen to the screed pumped out from Ukraine or Russia

@Nicodemuslong1 @Mattymoos1 @DefenceHQ @BWallaceMP For what, blasting us with propaganda, riling up the troops for a war that we’re not even fighting, and sending a load of weapons to Ukraine which are now making their way back to Europe? Maybe he’s good in some areas, but otherwise he’s a fool

@joelw_762 @BenzinBabe @rochowanski It’s true. Ukraine is chock full of nazis. Top to bottom. They treat them as heroes - i sh:t you not. https://t.co/E3bhyjftGF

@joelw_762 @BenzinBabe @rochowanski You can read what Putin actually did he’d do to Ukraine here from a spectator transcript. I guarantee you have no idea what he said :-) https://t.co/tOjn2yYqJq

@joelw_762 @thought_test @BenzinBabe @rochowanski You’re wrong - oblast boundaries changed and some cities/regions in oblasts are majority ethnic Russian. Check the 2001 census results. here’s the Jewish leader, Zelensky, with a few words to say about nazisim in Ukraine. Enjoy https://t.co/PNaiSrCDz4

@thought_test @joelw_762 @BenzinBabe @rochowanski “Ukraine staged the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev on Tuesday in what it said was a sting operation to foil a Russian assassination plot.” And? Fake murder.

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