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FM #Lavrov: The developments in #Ukraine are no longer a #hybridwar, but almost a real one. The West has been plotting the war against #Russia for a long time now seeking to destroy everything, incl language and culture, that is Russian.

FM #Lavrov: As with any other territory bordering #Russia, there should be no military infrastructure that poses a direct threat to our country, discrimination, or persecution of our compatriots in #Ukraine.

🇷🇺envoy to @UN #Nebenzia: #Russia does not have a goal to eliminate #Ukraine as a state, and it never did. However we cannot and we will not tolerate the fact that a hateful Russophobic and anti-Christian dictatorship is emerging right at our doorstep.

FM #Lavrov: We are defending our security. #Ukraine was being turned into a bridgehead for attacking #Russia and undermining our interests. Naval bases, first of all Anglo-Saxon ones, were to be built in the Sea of Azov. This is a serious matter.

FM #Lavrov: Since March 2021, we supported Ukraine's request for talks, even finalised the draft settlement agreement proposed by Kiev. But 🇺🇦 got a slap on its wrists by the West and was told it’s too early. The West is making the decisions for Ukraine without Ukraine.

FM #Lavrov: #US has created a coalition of nearly all European member states of #NATO & #EU and is using #Ukraine to wage a #proxywar against #Russia with the old aim of finally solving the “Russian question,” like Hitler who sought a final solution to the “Jewish question.”

FM #Lavrov: Events surrounding #Ukraine have brought to light the implicit push by the #US to drop attempts to reinforce its global position with legitimate means and to adopt #illegitimate methods to ensure its dominance. Anything goes.

FM #Lavrov: Our Western colleagues tried to turn #Ukraine and the developments around it into the main media, political and economic event, accusing #Russia of the troubles in the global economy because of its “aggression” against Ukraine. 🔗

💬@state_duma Chairman Vyacheslav #Volodin: #US & #NATO chose #Ukraine to be a testbed in the fight against #Russia to stop our development. As it turned out, it’s also a testbed for weakening #Europe, getting rid of a strong competitor. Europeans just have not fully realised it.

The words of President #Putin stressing importance of implementing #MinskAgreements sounded funny to President #Zelensky in 2019. Now we know why – he was not going to carry out #Ukraine’s commitments, implementation of which could have prevented today’s hostilities.

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