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General ButtNaked 128th R
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@kyivskyekotleti @LvivTyler No, 3 is enough. 1 for Ukraine, 1 for Zelenskyy and 1 for Ghost of Kyiv

@ComradeAmongus Fake news. Ukraine has reach Kherson and is currently fighting in the streets.

@LvivTyler Shes using those money to buy arms and medical supply to support Ukraine. WTF Hungary?

@zemstafreda @LvivTyler @lamenta23 Lmao. Cope more. Imagine being this butthurt. Ukrainian winning yet? Kherson counter offensive going well? Sanctions effective? Ukraine losing 200-1000 KIA per day? Ukrainians retreating? Cry more, please im waiting.

@mixer6262822928 @PelmeniPusha You will have to shift your troops from the front line. Pick them, organize them and make sure they can sustain it. This alone is already hard enough for UKR. Drawing combat units also weakens the overall defense of Ukraine. So its suicide.

@mixer6262822928 @PelmeniPusha Nah, they won't. If they go for it then they are even dumber. Ukraine Army can't even organize a proper offensive. Plus even if they do attack it, even the most Pro UKR people will start to question themselves.

@Tozsaptam @torr2016 @Ernesto53679046 @200_zoka Yes, keep on fighting but don't blame Russia if more people die or more civilians die. Ukraine will never win which makes fighting for it is pointless. But please counter my point please

@Tozsaptam @torr2016 @Ernesto53679046 @200_zoka Reality is, Ukraine can't win but you still don't understand that so hence why i called you a dumb retard. Counter my point please if not get lost

@MarkHertling @HawaiiDelilah Oh no Putin is trapped. Please general advise us with your ingenious military analysis. What will you say if Ukraine lose Donbass? 3 days to take Kyiv? Please cope more and don't forget to take your dementia pills.

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