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Recovering academic (medieval military history), fencing coach, body mechanics specialist (Feldenkra
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@plantbake @elonmusk @cb_doge @mayemusk @Tesla @Twitter Mine's a motley hodgepodge of geopolitics, fencing, D&D, 40k, health, exercise, animals, Beardyman (everybody's favorite Stanford Neuro), and Ukraine war update channels. I'm here! But most of my peers still equate Twitter with ugly politics and solipsistic journos preening.

@reshetz Oh, Ukraine's corruption score IS terribad. But you are absolutely right that the west is not even a little bit clean, either.

When I hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic, I don't think of the Civil War any more. I think of Iran, and Hong Kong, and in Ukraine's "dim and flaring lamps."

@SecDef We have 400 M198s in storage that we will never use again. Why are they not already enroute to Ukraine, which has serious need for artillery?

@squatsons That's what happens when you take peace off the table. Ukraine could lob things at the Kremlin or RU's oil transit facilities *right now* and per the rules of war it would be 100% fair ball.

@IAPonomarenko Hatred. Dragging Ukraine down with it is a victory condition for Russia.

@Alexandernewry @Maks_NAFO_FELLA Think geopolitically. Pakistan is *less heavily armed* and Ukraine gets support. Meanwhile, what's the Taliban going to do, besides slowly rot and starve (while fighting Pakistan)?

Unfortunately some lack of support for Ukraine seems to simply be the same kind of mindless partisanship that has marred our political space all through Realignment. It's a sad fact that that left and right have so demonized each other that they can no longer think critically.

@benshapiro Nice essay, but you've made a critical and erroneous assumption: that U.S. interests are better served by a negotiated stalemate line in which Ukraine loses territory. This DIRECTLY undercuts bedrock principles of US foreign policy since the 1950s, while undercutting Taiwan. 馃憥

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