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Official account of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU/ Официальная страница Постоянного представительства России при ЕС
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⚡️The State Duma Council demands an end to arms supplies to #Ukraine, as the #Kiev regime, acting against its own people, uses these weapons to kill and cripple the population, creating a risk of nuclear catastrophe. 🔗

❗️Irresponsible actions of the #Kiev regime could lead to a large-scale disaster at the #Zaporozhye NPP, with consequences not only for #Ukraine but also for neighboring European countries. This must be stopped immediately. ☝️Remarks by Igor Vishnevetskii🔗

In our view, #EU refusal to comment on the shelling by Ukrainian armed forces of residential areas of Donetsk on the 14 March and 13 June, which led to death of innocent people, is a demonstration of total disregard for civilian lives and selective approach to events in #Ukraine.

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