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The official account of the Russian Embassy in India 🇷🇺🇮🇳 Аккаунт Посольства на русском языке ➡️ @Ru
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#Lavrov: Unfortunately, #G20 declaration wasn’t approved on behalf of all foreign ministers. As a year ago, our Western partners were going all-out to highlight the situation around #Ukraine, which they were presenting as “Russian aggression” in numerous rhetorical statements.

#Lavrov: It’s kind of funny that those trying so hard was the representatives of the countries whose leaders admitted that they have been sabotaging the #UNSC resolution and flooding #Ukraine with weapons for war against #Russia since 2015.

April 2022 ♦️ While #Russia was showing its readiness for negotiations, proving it by a goodwill gestures, the West insisted that #Ukraine continues fighting

🕯️On May 2014, #Ukraine’s enraged radical nationalists wreaked havoc and committed mass murder as they burned dozens of people alive in #Odessa’s House of Unions only because they peacefully stood up for their rights.

🕯️ Tracing back the war crimes committed by the #Ukraine side starting from as early as 2014, one may recall that it was the #Kiev regime who have been directing the nationalist battalions and have given them a free hand in the southeast region. @mfa_russia

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