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@StocktraderB007 @GeromanAT If goes to stalemate is because there is much interest on that. At the moment Russia is winning a huge amount of money in gas and petrol and the EU is starting to crumble. War is an economic issue above all. And I dont think that Europe will be pouring money in Ukraine for ever

@Noi__Allgemeine @cat_tixon @anatoliisharii And does it mind in any sense who presented the petition? 馃懡 "Ukraine's neo-NAZI problem then" but "For foreign fighters, Ukraine offers purpose" the same as SS with Stephan Bandera genocides. Less propaganda, please! 馃槈

@Simonvarga10 @jensstoltenberg The defeat of NATO in this proxy war and the NAZIS they trained would be the best news possible for Europe (let aside Donbas people and Ukraine itself). But Mr Stoltenberg as good vassal don't have to worry about it as he will be earning a good salary as NATO warmonger.

@RWApodcast I hope Russia continues spreads all Donbas, South former Ukraine, Odessa and until Gibraltar.

@nexta_tv And then you @next_tv say that Russians hit "civilian buildings" with rockets... Here you see why! 馃槧 I remember again you all that under Rome Convention is a war crime use civilian buildings as shields so Ukraine again committing war crimes shamelessly.

@Makeiev Imagine there is no Ukronazis... By the way, you are more on the way of no Ukraine day by day than Russia, fortunately! . As European tax payer I do hope do. No more of my money for your dump, crap criminazy organization. Go ahead Russia! DenaZify this brainwashed morons! 馃槒

@ErkoLaidinen1 @RWApodcast @tom_username_ Well said. This is the reason why corrupt Ukranians oligarks tried to keep Donbas at any cost in Ukraine even funding neonazist Banderists groups as Azov or Right Sector trained by NATO since 2014 and many others to kill, rape, shell Donbas people. You are right.

@KristianLubonja @eduardomaceda @Afroditaa1984 No. Those who have killed thousands of people in Donbas since 2014 coup and the Ukraine State glorifies.

@GeromanAT NATO is losing, which is more interesting. And by the way, both Ukraine and Russia are winning in the long term.

@spriteer_774400 No. It is because we realised that Ukraine is the most corrupt state in Europe. And we don't be expending the money we don't have to the glory of Banderism and Neonazism

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