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@SqueeBib @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM But this war is not exclusively by proxy. We didn’t give that reaper to Ukraine. It was ours. Just like our AWACS, our satellites, and everything else we operate over there. We are using our own assets to fight against Russia in Ukraine. That is direct, not by proxy.

@Roberj28 @Gigau_MEIOU @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM We are at war. We have already provoked Russia as much as we can by providing intel, comms, GPS, and weapons, and cash to Ukraine free of charge. If they were going to nuke us over provocation, they already would have. They might nuke us over fear, but we’re not threatening much.

@phlooka @cavannastan Over international waters we have no reason to surveil unless we are fighting Russia in Ukraine.

@SqueeBib @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM We *are* engaged in an intense armed conflict between military forces. Most but not all of that intensity is guiding through Ukraine, but providing military services like surveillance, with military arms like a Reaper, *is military conflict*.

@Roberj28 @Gigau_MEIOU @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM You’re also overestimating the administration’s commitment to actually winning the war, rather than ensuring it drags on interminably. They don’t actually want to protect Ukraine. They want to turn it into another Soviet-Afghan war, and bleed Russia out slowly.

@SqueeBib @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM “Are the USA or Russia firing any weapons directly at one another?” Probably. Just like they did in Korea. But Russia is ramming, and we are providing ELINT, surveillance, satellite recon, comms, and probably EW services to Ukraine, and Ukraine is shooting.

@OeysteinRK @Gigau_MEIOU @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Not Russian at all. I thought Muscovy was a duck. Russia claims we are at war with them because we are. We are exchanging acts of war. We are sending ammunition, intelligence, reconnaissance, training, equipment, etc. to their enemy Ukraine. Now they’re downing our aircraft.

@Gigau_MEIOU @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM The surveillance the reaper was doing was an act of war. We just shot down a bunch of Chinese spy balloons. Russia bumps our reaper. They started something with Ukraine but we started something with them. We can’t complain if they down a UAV providing intel to their enemies.

@RobertR50720371 @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM One of too many to count on both sides. Ukraine isn’t strictly a proxy war. Hasn’t been for a long time.

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