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For comedic value, this is better than when Trump told UFC podcasters the Russian invasion of Ukraine was caused by windmills.

@Beer4me62 Technically it’s called “Reawaken America Tour”, but it’s all QAnon people who go and they hate it when I call it that. Same reason I have Ukraine flag. I’m not big into symbolic gestures, but once they started complaining about people doing it, I did it to aggravate them.

The thing about this guy is he’s trying so hard to pretend to be MAGA, but he’s a complete fraud. So when he tries to roll out their talking points (like on Ukraine), he screws it all up because he doesn’t even believe what he was saying. The most fraudulent candidate they have.

Because the most important thing we can do right now is abandon the greatest foreign policy achievement of the Biden Administration and sell out Ukraine to Putin.

Marge explains why Rs will impeach Biden in 2023: “This is a man who lost to the Taliban .. Joe Biden is currently losing a war to Russia in Ukraine.”

Putin inspects the troops and fires a sniper rifle. Maybe he is getting ready to go to go to Ukraine himself and show how it’s done. Probably have to worry as much about friendly fire as he would the Ukrainians though.

From the Russian broadcast: “Donald Trump openly said that Washington’s action forced Putin to start special operations in Ukraine. According to Trump, it’s the fault of the foolish people in the Biden Administration.”

Guy at Trump rally says Obama caused Putin to invade Ukraine because he built bio weapons labs there and made them give up nuclear weapons. Also says he understands why Russia invaded because Ukrainians are all Nazis, but the media won’t say that.

Woman at Trump rally today says she loves Putin because he is cleaning out the American bio weapons labs in Ukraine: “I love Putin! He’s a good president, #2 of the presidents” after Trump.

In a new interview, Trump blames the US for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: “They actually taunted him. Our country, and our so-called leadership, taunted Putin. I said, you know, they’re almost forcing him to go in with what they’re saying.”

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